Mangroves & Their Importance

In this unit we will be exploring the importance of mangroves to our ocean’s ecosystem! 



What makes this kind of tree so special?



Learn how mangroves play an important role in your life on the daily!


Apply It!

Get involved with replanting mangrove seedlings at our local mangrove nursery!

Mangroves are Critical to Healthy Ecosystems

They are the nurseries providing protective habitat for jeuvinile species of birds, marine animals and other creatures that live amoung coastal habitats. They provide protection to humans by blocking dangerous storm swells. They filter and clean water that runs off of land protecting coral reefs from damage from silt and dirt. AND they sequester more carbon out of the atmosphere then any other plant species reducing global warming’s devastating effect on climate change! We are sadly losing mangroves at unprecedented rates and need to do whatever we can to protect and rehabilitate them. Learn more here. 

Video 1

You have three mangrove activities in your resource pack. Go ahead pull these out and fill them in! Then when you’re done, we’re challenging you to build your own mangrove ecosystem. Use some of the resources in your pack, things you find in nature…get creative! Need some inspiration? Check out the mangrove ecosystem we built here!


“Have you seen mangroves near your home or community? Next time you pass them, what can you do to help?”

Plastic Pollution

Mangroves play an important role, but so do you — do you know the impact that you’re having on your environment? A major impact to the environment is plastic. Learn why.

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